Grower's Program

Transition successfully into growing CBD hemp

Grower Benefits

Complete Program & Services to Transition Acres to Hemp Growing

Low Risk

No money upfront and our team of experts to fully support you

Best Genetics

High-quality seeds and clones to ensure successful crops

Guaranteed Price

Guaranteed price per acre for Grower's Program Members

Looking for Certified Clones?

Grower's Program

Partner with Ironside

  • You provide the inputs, land, and labor.
  • We provide genetics at no cost (other than freight), guaranteed return on investment, on-call agronomic support, and our sales and distribution network.
  • Meet infrastructure and equipment requirements and join our team!

Agronomist on Call

An Ironside Agronomist is always one phone call away. We provide soil testing and field mapping prior to the growing season. We perform weekly hemp scouting and make recommendations based on our list of OMRI approved biopesticides.

Leverage Ironside Experts


Work with a Team that Understands Licensing & Regulations


Learn Specific & Proven Hemp Growing Methods


Learn Pesticide Control, Soil Management & Plant Health Techniques

We Are Here to Help

From planting to drying and threshing. We also perform CBD testing during peak harvest season and cover the costs.
  • Comprehensive IPM program
  • Fertilizer program by soil type
  • Grower recommendation sheets

Grower's Program



  • Competitive contract options
  • Predicted ROI
  • Seedlings or clones at no cost
  • Soil testing and mapping at no cost
  • Weekly agronomist visits
  • IPM and fertilizer programs
  • Free CBD and moisture testing
  • Market the final product
  • A network of experienced hemp growers


  • Land
  • Labor
  • Inputs
  • Residue-free spray equipment
  • Drying infrastructure
  • Means to remove biomass from stalks
  • Transport to pick up plants
  • Timely delivery of biomass to our storage facility
  • Upholding contract agreements

Proven Process

Working Side-by-Side with Growers for Success

Genetics & Certified Hemp Clones

Healthy, certified clones with proven CBD ratios for legal hemp

Grow Season Support

Hemp crop strategy and operation guidance using proven hemp farming methods

Crop Monitoring

Technical hemp experts monitor crops on-site
  • Soil and lab analysis
  • Pest control techniques
  • Plant health techniques and more

Harvest & Processing

Support on how to harvest hemp along with processing and storage requirements

Sales & Distribution Network

Leverage a team with long-standing connections in the hemp industry to ensure crop sales and distribution options

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