A Full-Service Hemp Management Company

Ironside Hemp provides full-service hemp management and cultivation support to growers.

As a North Carolina based company, Ironside is on track to be one of the largest cannabinoid producers in America.

Ironside Management Team

Peter Charland

President & CEO

Brian Atkins

Director of Farming

Max Thomas

Senior Agronomist

Jack Hinson

Facility Manager

Brooke Devone

Office Manager

With qualified experts at every level of the hemp farming operation, Ironside has direct experience transitioning growers from traditional crops such as soy, corn and tobacco into CBD hemp.

Full Services

Hemp Management for growers


Licensed to grow, process and sell CBD hemp inter-state and abroad


Successful track record of cannabis production and processing


Providers of certified hemp genetics: seeds and clones


To successfully transition growers into CBD hemp cultivation

of Contacts

Existing relationships and network of contacts with buyers for CBD hemp crops

Looking for Certified Clones?

Ironside Hemp Advantages

Partner with a full-service hemp management company
  • Complete rich-CBD hemp seed to sale expertise
  • Knowledgeable in all levels of hemp farming operations and methods
  • Grower’s Program for cultivating hemp with success
  • Smooth transition from soy, tobacco, and other crops to successful hemp cultivation
  • Certified CBD hemp genetics
  • Ironside sells the crop

Complete Seed to Sale Expertise

No Hemp

Grower's Program

Need Quality Clones?

Clones For Sale